Video Management Software

LifeSize® Control™ is an all-in-one, video management software solution that provides complete management for multi-vendor networks.

  • Discover multi-vendor systems, monitor performance issues, and notify administrators via cell phones and PDAs.
  • Schedule point to point and multipoint conferences easily and automatically establish calls.
  • Provide on-demand, graphical reports for management and export to PDF or other formats at the touch of a button.
  • LifeSize Control is built on the Microsoft.NET™ framework and uses open, industry standards to ensure maximum security, integration and expansion for the future.
  • Absolute simplicity for end users. Confident IT administrators.
  • Lower TCO. It all adds up to the best return on video communications investments.

Complete Multi-Vendor Management

Secure, seamless video calls with customers, partners, suppliers and remote colleagues using firewall and NAT traversal.

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A fully integrated and secure web browser-based application, LifeSize Control provides complete management of multi-vendor video communications systems and IP devices.

Real-Time Management

Discover, monitor and manage video devices and set up workflow to cell phones or email for troubleshooting and problem resolution. The result is higher system availability and, the ultimate benefit, satisfied end users. This is what you can expect with LifeSize® Control Real-Time Management:


A time zone aware web-based scheduler provides powerful point-to-point and multipoint scheduling capabilities. Automatic Call Establishment™(ACE)


Powerful, graphical reporting available on demand and one button export to PDF™ or other formats makes tracking usage, service level agreements and cost of ownership easy.

Investment Protection

LifeSize Control is an extensible application built on the Microsoft.NET™ platform and industry standard RDBMS. The user interface leverages Adobe® Flash® for a simple to use, graphical interface.

The Result

Proactive management using LifeSize Control means greater simplicity for end users and administrators, low total cost of ownership and better return on video communications investments.

LifeSize Control Product Details

LifeSize Control Single Device License

LifeSize Control Enterprise License



  • A single device license


  • Lifeze Control Enterpise License

List Price: $499.00

List Price: $149,999.00


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