LifeSize Infrastructure Portfolio


LifeSize® Transit™

LifeSize Transit™ is a complete firewall and NAT traversal solution that enables people to make video calls within and across enterprises and organizations by securely traversing firewalls. The result is secure, simple to use video communications.

LifeSize® Networker™

LifeSize Networker provides an all-in-one, enhanced gateway for integration between IP and ISDN networks. This compact device offers multiple compact network interfaces allowing users to connect LifeSize RoomTM with legacy video systems.

LifeSize® Gateway™

LifeSize Gateway is a plug and play gateway to connect different networks and standards to deliver feature-rich, reliable and high quality video and audio communications.

LifeSize® Multipoint™

LifeSize Multipoint is a high definition Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) designed to support high quality multi-site conferencing.

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