An easy-to-use hardware device designed to extend the benefits of third-party high definition video conferencing cameras to the LifeSize® Room™ video communications solution.

Seamlessly connect with LifeSize® Room™ and third-party cameras that can be used simultaneously for dual camera capabilities. The Sony EVI-HD1 HD camera is the first camera that is fully supported by the LifeSize SDI Adapter, it is also fully supported and and controlled by the LifeSize remote control and LifeSize software.

Supported by the LifeSize SDI Adapter, the Sony HD camera offers up to 10x optical zoom, making it ideal for large room environments such as auditoriums and lecture halls. The LifeSize SDI Adapter can support up to a 300 foot/90 meter cable run, allowing optimal camera and codec placement.

Features and Benefits

  • Expand your LifeSize options Connects LifeSize Room to third-party video cameras like the Sony EVI-HD1 HD Color PTZ Video Camera for a wider range of deployment options
  • Ideal for large room environments Supports 300 feet / 90 meters cable runs for optimal camera placement
  • Simple to Use Plug and play operation, complete integration with LifeSize Room
  • Cost effective, flexible third-party camera solution
  • Efficient, Compact Design Small inline unit powered by the LifeSize Room codec

Product Code: LifeSize SDI Adapter

List Price: $1,499.00

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