LifeSize Video Conferencing Portfolio


LifeSize® Express™

LifeSize® Express™ is the affordable, easy to use, high definition video communications system designed to bring people together, allowing you to do more, travel less and be present.

LifeSize® Team™

LifeSize Team™ is the high definition video communications system designed specifically for distributed project teams and colleagues interacting in small conferencing environments. The fully integrated system is a plug-and-play device that allows teams to meet face-to-face and collaborate without missing a single cue.

LifeSize® Team MP™

LifeSize® Team MP™ combines an immersive, high-definition video experience with a rich set of features to deliver a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use video communication solution. Like all LifeSize products, LifeSize Team MP delivers telepresence quality high definition video and audio for an authentic experience. You'll feel as if you're in the room, allowing you to do more while traveling less.

LifeSize® Room™

LifeSize Room™ is the high definition video communications system that combines exceptional quality and user simplicity to make remote communications a productive, true-to-life experience. The fully integrated system connects to most displays in any size conference room and provides crystal clear video clarity and high fidelity audio for productive conferencing. LifeSize Room includes embedded 4-way HD multipoint capabilities to connect several participants.

LifeSize® Conference™

LifeSize® Conference™ lets you accelerate your global business by creating an immersive, high definition telepresence experience that is realistic and authentic. It lets you do more and travel less. And, unlike most telepresence systems, LifeSize Conference is affordable to organizations and accessible by more employees.

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